Scary Situation


I'm so sorry I have been away for awhile.

Things have not been so great here at the little house and I have temporarily moved out.

Remember me telling you my Dad was moving in?

I was apprehensive from the beginning because he has shown some concerning behavior for the last Four years.

Without getting into too much detail I will say he has some issues that he needs to seek help and treatment for.

I have spoken with a crisis counselor and have been told only Dad can be the one to seek out the help, me or my relatives cannot make force him to do it.

I have lived with Granny for over Ten years now. We are both having some separation anxiety being away from each other.

This whole situation has been very hard on Granny and she is my biggest concern right now.

She begged me to come home last night and even said my Dad was a burden to her, but he is her Son and is torn about what to do herself.

I am  afraid to go back home right now. One of those times in life where your like why is this happening to me?

I am asking for lots of love, light, and prayers for our little family right now or what ever else it is that you do.

I will try and post and update soon.




  1. Sweet friend,
    I am so sorry this is happening to you and your granny....
    Prayers and love.
    I'm thinking of you....

  2. Tonya, You and Granny are in my prayers. This is a bad situation. I don't understand why the two of you have to allow him into your home. A mentally ill person is a great burden, and your aged Granny is not strong and able to handle the situation. I don't know if she has the capacity to be able to understand that he is not her burden/responsibility, and is in fact for a woman her age, someone that she cannot possibly care for. She is fragile, and maybe has a little dementia. I fear that she will decline very quickly, and will be gone. Can he be made to leave? That is for the best. He needs medical help, for what condition he has. I ask that you don't publish this note to you, it isn't for anyone else to read.


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