Vintage Hair & Makeup

I love everything vintage, but I guess that is no secret.

I especially love vintage hair and make-up  :)

I used to love playing around with different looks.

I even have books on "the 1940's look" and pin curl setting patterns.

I really don't know why, I just kind of stopped.

Here lately I have done allot of pairing down of junk and excess baggage and going back to things I truly love and make me happy :)

The internet has so many downsides, but one of the good parts is you can get to know so many wonderful people that have so much in common and the same interests that you do.

I joined a Facebook group called Vintage Up-dos for the Modern Girl (They also have sister pages for hair and clothes).

I have enjoyed being inspired to play around with vintage hair and make-up again :)

Over the weekend I tried my first "wet set" with foam rollers, although my technique and brush out need lots of practice :)

A World War II Re-enactment is coming up in may (yes it's a real thing!) so I have time to find a great outfit and perfect my hair and make-up for the event :)


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