I feel like this picture says a lot about my life the past few months.

My Father has moved in and taken over the little home I have shared with my Granny for over 10 years and really all my life.

This is the only real home and stable environment I have ever known.

He has moved in and and thrown out or rearranged the way my Granny has kept things for 58 years.

All i can say is this is cruel.

He goes and tell's everybody that my sweet Granny has dementia when she has trouble finding something he has moved or thrown away.

I woke up this morning and Granny was crying because my Dad had a 2 A.M. decided to remove all of my milk glass and cake decorating supplies to the kitchen table so that he could replace with groceries he had bought.

It has just been awful.

I keep praying for guidance and wisdom to know what to do.

If I stay away from home Granny cries every night on the phone. When I mention trying to find an apartment she tells me I am tearing her heart out.

Sometimes he get violent and you never know what may set him off.

 For example a few weeks ago I needed a basket for church, in the basket was chips and junk food. Next to my basket was an empty basket. I just moved the stuff from my basket to the empty one. Apparently the empty one belonged to my Dad. Next thing I know he goes in the kitchen and starts throwing all of the stuff out in the floor and yelling that's my basket! and telling me I disrespected him for using his basket. Then he told Granny I threw the junk in the floor.

I know Granny fears him too.

I have thought about calling the elder abuse hotline but I know Granny will cover up for him if they come to investigate.

I think Granny is torn because she knows that he needs help but he is her Son and she knows he has no where else to go.

I hate to put all of this on my blog, but I am at my wits end and I don't know where else to turn.

Does anybody have any experience with this same situation or advice?



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