Little Luxaries

Hello friends!

 I have learned I can do without a lot of stuff since I have been living a rather nomadic life style as of late.

Although, It's been a very freeing experience for me, I have compiled a list of  a few little luxuries that make me happy and home wherever I go:

A good quality set of sheets (yes, even on my little twin air mattress!)
Good quality pillows (two to be exact)
Lavender linen spray
A simple pair of earrings
Silky gown
Good quality towels
Black dresses (I seriously have one for everyday of the week! You can dress them up and down and swap out your accessories for different looks).
Leather handbag (TJ Maxx has great real leather options at great prices).
Saltwater Sandals (I have them in 4 colors! A girl needs options!)
Books (I'm a sucker for Christian romance novels).
Kindle (mostly for watching my favorite movies and British TV Shoes! I have finished all of the Agatha Christie Poirot Series, Miss Marple Series, Tommy and Tuppence Series, and I'm halfway thru The Midsummer Murders).
Yoga Pants (my absolute favorites are this pair from Old Navy )
Diet Mountain Dew
Vintage Rocking Chair (A gift from my dear friend when she moved to Seattle)
Paul Mitchell Color Care Shampoo
Good Lavender Soap and Lotion

I'm starting to think I could live in an RV or one of those little tiny houses you see on TV :)

I miss my Mr. Jack the Cat something awful :( Hopefully I can find a place soon that he can come too. He is like my child!

Tomorrow is Friday! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Many blessings,



  1. I agree, my friend.
    Fewer good quality items make me happy as well.
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. First of all, I love those pants too!!! Your planted pot is very cute. I used to use them on my patio...but the deer would come at night and eat every bloom...ugh. Take care and you are right about those items, I like a good nights sleep.


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