1st Annual Lansing Blues Festival

My Aunt Lisa and her friend Rebecca came up from Raleigh and we went to the 1st annual Lansing Blues Festival today!

The music was fantastic!!

The fellow sitting next to me said it was the best $10.00 he had spent in a long time.

I am already looking forward to next year!

My Aunt Lisa and her friend (my new friend!) Rebecca

I could not get this picture to reverse! A recyclable copper bracelet my Aunt bought me from one of the vendors.

They had sold of my size festival shirts, so the lady sold me this one from a previous festival for $5.00.
Obviously this title could sound bad, it was from a previous benefit concert!

All of these musicians live in the Greensboro area, which is close to where I will be moving soon for cosmetology school. I might get to see them play around town. All the bands were awesome!!

This guy, Seth Williams, reminded me of a young Robert Plant (my vintage crush), just shut up and take my money!!


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