The Flying Squirrel!

Several years ago we kept having flying squirrel's get in the house.

The first few times I would somehow get it wrangled in the bathroom, open the window, and then shut the door.

Voila! No more flying squirrel!

The last one that snuck in the house, the poor thing, met a bad end.

Granny was home alone.

She sprayed the squirrel with Lysol until it passed out!

She then called my Uncle to come and get it, but it woke up before he made it to the house.

After that they could not find it.

That night I woke up and my closet door opened it self! (one of those wooden accordion like doors)

I turned on the light and sure enough the squirrel was on top my closet door.

Yes! They do fly (or glide) like a bat!

I opened both windows, shut my door, and went to sleep on the couch.

We thought it was gone.

A week later I cleaning and pulled out my dresser.

All I saw was a tail hanging out of the electrical outlet.

The week before we had a new electrical outlet installed in my room and I had not found a cover for it yet.

Somehow it had crawled up in there and died!!!

It was awful! and the sad thing is I think they are endangered.

I still do not know why it did not go out one of those windows. It was cold that night and the only thing I could think of is it was looking for warmth?

Years ago when my Grandparents first moved into the house they had a wood stove and a chimney. Even though we had a cover over it, somehow they were still getting in the house. We put a screen over the chimney and a new cover over the hole where the pipe to the wood stove went into the chimney.

I tell ya, don't mess with Granny! She is one though cookie! I will have to tell you the story about Granny and the mouse sometime!

Our flying squirrel looked just like this.
Imagine it flying all over my bedroom!
This image is not mine the source is from Wikipedia.

A pretty plate I found to hide the ugly chimney cover.

Don't mess with Granny!


  1. Hello, I saw you on my friend Karen's blog, Beatrice Euphemie. Flying squirrel, oh my! What an interesting story. You know, I love taking pictures of the squirrels at the park, but I'm a bit afraid of them. That must have surprised you to no end when you saw it on top of your closet door. Now, I'm real curious to hear about your granny and the mouse. They are another one that I have a fear of......Eeeek.
    Me and my daughters also have a blog, and we would love it if you could visit us and follow, and I would certainly come back and follow you as well. It's nice to meet new friends in blog land. I hope to hear from you, and have a sweet day.

    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


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