Old Salem

Last Saturday my friend Kim and I went to Old Salem Museum and Gardens.

The place is magical to me.

I think I was born in the wrong century!

The town was founded by the Moravian's in 1766.

I never get tired of visiting.

I joined the members and can get in free all year. All monies collected goes towards programs and restoration of other building in the village.

(Interesting fact: The potter would make just the doll head and a child would be practice sewing skills by making the body and clothing.)

I just love the old bricks and uneven streets :)

You can tell she is a married lady because a blue ribbon ties her cap.

My sweet friend Kim

C. Winkler Bakery
(Interesting fact a decedent lived upstairs until about 1990)

We came away with lots of goodies!
The peach strudel is heavenly!

"Gods Acre" Cemetery

The Church Clock

The Single Brothers House

Handmade baskets

The Tavern

The oldest Gun Smith shop in the US.

The Tailor in the Single Brothers House.

Lots lots more but I will to save that for another post :)


  1. Wonderful tour - loved seeing all that history! Those old colonial homes are so pretty and it's so fun to see what life was like - not so long ago. I love the motto! x Karen


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