The 4th of July Weekend 2016

Hello friends!

I hope everyone had a happy and blessed 4th of July weekend?

This year for me was quiet, yet eventful.

I woke up early Saturday morning to watch my friend Melanie's sweet little girl show her cow she has been working with for several month with the local 4-H program. This was only her 1st year and she proudly brought home a 2nd and 3rd place ribbon!

Later on Saturday I went to the Christmas in July festival in town. It was so hot and humid (miserable!) so I made it quick and picked up a necklace and earring set a father/daughter duo had made for me. I then made a quick stop for a funnel cake and a bag of kettle corn and made my way home.

My sister and her family came up for the weekend and camped in our yard. Oh how excited it was to see the wonder in my nephews eyes to see the fireworks!

Sunday my friend Laurie and spent some time catching up with each other and we went to see The BFG based on the Roald Dahl book and it was fantastic!!

By Monday, the actual 4th, I was worn out and stayed home to rest. It was a bit rainy and I really did not want to battle the crowds for fireworks when we had already seen some on Saturday.

And that was it!!

Many blessings,


A few of the sheep also being shown on Saturday. These made a quick escape from their pen.

My friend Melanie

Hannah and her cow proudly showing off her 2nd place ribbon.

Christmas in July Festival

Christmas in July Festival

My beautiful new necklace and earring set. 

My nephew Atticus (Attie)

My nephew William

My sweet nephews Judd and Attie


  1. Sounds fun!
    And tiring!
    We always stay in on the Fourth.
    I like that day of rest!
    I am happy to see you back at home with your granny. : )
    Have a cozy evening, my friend!


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