Art Gallery Crawl

Last Friday night my friend Donna and had a girls night out.

We ate Boondocks and did the Art Gallery Crawl, afterwards, we then walked around town and  browsed the antique shops.

We have lots of art galleries in town. Once a month the galleries host the gallery crawl. The galleries stay open late and you can pop in an out of each gallery and they have hors d'oeuvres and street music.

 It was a beautiful night and such sweet fellowship with one of my best friends :)

Just a few pictures from around town, as I was afraid to take pictures in the galleries.


Pretty wreath hanging on the doors of Mountain Outfitters.

Spotted outside the wine shop :)

I so wanted to take this blind cat home with me.

Spotted outside Quilt Square Girls.

The Old Hotel

Beautiful Carolina blue sky!

Beautiful Carolina blue sky!

I loved this old cabinet/sink. It was $1,500.00!!!!!


  1. What a sweet little town and such a nice place to enjoy some 'girl-time'! Enjoyed all your photos - my grandmother had one of those sink units in her kitchen. She would laugh at how much they cost now! Wishing you blessings for your week. xx Karen


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