Favorite Places

Hello friends,

Over the weekend I spent some time at my two favorite places:

Mount Jefferson and Saint Mary's Church

I am requesting prayers for Granny, tomorrow she has cataract surgery on her left eye. Due to her age, 94, I am a bit worried.

On Saturday my friend Melanie, her daughter Hannah and I went to the antiques fair on main street in West Jefferson. The day was beautiful and although we didn't buy anything but fair food I enjoyed spending time with friends :)

The view from my favorite spot atop Mount Jefferson :) 

Saint Mary's is open all night.
 I like to stop after dark after all the tourist are gone for the evening.
 I feel peace there.
Click HERE for a more detailed post on Saint Mary's from last year.

Melanie and Hannah walking down the steps from the Library to town.
My Dad does not like the way I park in our driveway.
Twice I have went to get in my car for work and he has spray painted around my car and the spot he thinks I should park.
I used to have beautiful wild flower garden beds planted in front of the fence :(
I am feeling hopeless with this whole situation and need all the prayers we can get.

Dear friends I hope everyone has a blessed week!



  1. All the best to your Granny wit her surgery ♥



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