Jesus and his love for us....

Hello friends,

If you have read my blog for awhile you may know that I am a member of  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

I was raised Southern Baptist and live in a predominantly "baptist area". 

Therefore, I have received my share of comments, questions, and certain prejudices from friends, family, and new acquaintances. 

Never have I been publicly called out for my faith and until a few weeks ago.

On Facebook a memory from five years ago popped up in my feed. The memory was my testimony I had written for my friends blog about my conversion to the church.

Well I received this as a comment:

As church members we are told not to argue or reply back something defensive, which I think sometimes can be our human nature.

I will say the name says is all The CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints.

That's not the point either.

 I always been interested in different religions and denominations. I have always tried to educate myself on what other's believe. From tagging along with friends to their churches, books, I even took RCIA classes at the Catholic Church and once thought about joining the church. All churches have different ways of doing things and takes on scriptures, but the one thing in common is Jesus Christ, acknowledging your belief in him, repenting of your sin, and baptism. 

Jesus and his love for us is always the core!

I think we all need more love for each other like we love the Savior and how he loves us.

Hopefully this makes since! 

Also, these are my opinion and thoughts and I do not want a religion war on my blog. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!



Our cute missionary teaching the plan of salvation to a member the other night.


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