Birthday Get Away

I went away to Hot Springs, North Carolina, for a little trip for my 30th Birthday.

I booked a cute little inexpensive room at the Spring Brook Cottages.

My little cottage room was within walking distance to everything.

On the first day I did a self guided walking tour of the town and historical buildings.

The library was having sale and I found a book to read. The town has the smallest, yet cutest, library I have ever seen!

The best part was both days I went to the spa!

On the first day I got a facial and massage and then went in the hot springs for an hour.

On the second day I got a massage and went in the hot springs again for an hour.

Each night I ate at a cute little diner.

My little room had a cute front porch and a rocker to read in during the day, at night I would sit on the little back porch and listen to the creek.

Oh it was so peaceful there. 

I cried when I got back home.

Hot Springs is such a great little getaway about 3 hours from my house. I hope to visit again soon. I now know why my friends Melanie always refers to it as "my hot springs".

Please ignore my hair!

My Aunt Lisa sent me a cat watch for my Birthday.

The train went by all day and night, but that was ok, I thought it was exciting! I had to get up and watch every time I heard the whistle blow.

My view from my tub at the spa!

I loved how they kept the ruins of the original bathhouse and hotel that burned.


  1. Happy Birthday, Tonya!!!!
    What a perfect way to celebrate!
    It looks so beautiful and peaceful.
    That is my kind of getaway!
    I saw my favorite breakfast ...French Toast. : )
    Keep caring for yourself, my friend.
    Have a cozy day!

  2. Happy Birthday Tonya! What a great birthday gift to yourself. I like to have my trips to carve out the refreshing that my soul needs. Take care of yourself!


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