Meet Betty

Introducing our new kitten Betty Cat.

About 3 weeks ago I was watching a movie on my bed.
Both Mr. Jack the Cat and Sasha Belle were on my bed too.
I kept hearing a faint cry.
I thought it was the cats dreaming or something.
Later, I went to let Sasha Belle out of the house and on the porch was this sweet little kitten.

I think somebody knows I love cats and dropped her off.
I did try to locate her family just in case she may of wondered off.
I did not have any luck.
We decided to keep her!

She fits right in :)
She is so sweet and loving.
She is like a child playing with all her toys.
She reminds me allot of our beloved Muffin that past away several years ago because she eats, and eats, and eats. 
I bought some de-worm medicine from the vet just in case and set up appointments for shots and to get her fixed.

I wish I had a picture from the other day.
Betty Cat snuck some of Granny's left over Birthday cake.
It was adorable, she had orange icing all over her face and whiskers.

She curls up beside me at night to sleep :)

She is one of those little blessing in disguise.
I feel she was lead to us and we were meant to have her.
We already love her so.

I am not ashamed to admit I'm a cat lady ;)

Betty Cat


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